The bedrooms

There are 60 beds allocated between 16 bedrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with a washbasin (hot and cold water). There are 6 bathrooms (3 baths and 14 showers)

the kitchens

A professional kitchen is at your disposal to manage the big groups. There is a second kitchen for families as well.

The kitchens are fully equipped (dishwashers – one of them is  industrial – freezers, gas cooker, industrial fryer , electric cooker.

Everything you need to organize your meals is available.

the leisure rooms

There are 2 sitting rooms, 2 canteens, 1 meeting room and a big living room with a bar and a mezzanine.


At the back there is a big covered terrace, a barbecue and a skittle game for kids and grown up.

Gîte La Bavière - Chassepierre

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